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After being placed on a gluten-free vegetarian diet I became more open to different types of dishes. I eventually came across Asian cuisine and fell in love. Almost every dish is within the gluten-free diet, most are naturally gluten-free plus they have tasty seafood options. Whenever I visit an authentic Asian restaurant I don’t have to think too hard about not consuming gluten. East Japanese ExteriorRecently my boyfriend and I visited East Japanese for lunch; that’s the Japanese restaurant near Tracks and Records in The Market Place. They have a very relaxing decor, I recommend you to sit at the sushi bar if you want to see your sushi being prepared. The service was really good I would give it a 9/10, our waitress was very accommodating especially when she was back and forth from the kitchen because I kept questioning her about the noodles. East Japanese Sushi As I said before Asian food is great for us and Japanese food is not an exception. Though whenever you go to a Japanese restaurant stay away from the soy sauce, tempura based dishes (uses wheat based batter), unagi (eel marinated in soy sauce), stir fry dishes and miso soup. East Japanese Philadelphia RollMost if not all sushi and sashimi are safe for us to eat, we ordered the Philadelphia Roll, which was delicious by the way. I had curried vegetables, yes I know it sounds a little wrong and after I saw the dish I wondered if I would regret it. I dug right in and to my taste buds surprise it was really good. The curry was thick almost like stew, I recognized only two of the vegetables to be cabbage and carrot. It didn’t taste like a typical Jamaican curry dish. I liked it and would order it again, that is if I don’t try something new the next time. East JapaneseMy boyfriend ordered a curried noodle dish, it looked quite scrumptious. Unfortunately it was cooked with flour noodles, I would recommend you stay way from the noodle dishes. Scanning though the menu it was not difficult to select a gluten-free dish, the challenging part though was deciding on what I wanted to eat.

Restaurant InfoEast Japanese Exterior

East Japanese Restaurant
67 Constant Spring Road
Shops 50 and 51
Market Place Kingston, Jamaica
Tel 876 960 3962

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