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Nested away just outside of Half Way Tree you’ll find a roof top bar and lounge. The decor is quite relaxing, a great chill spot your friends and even couples. In the late even the roof top is open to the public and truth be told I prefer the roof top over the downstairs area. If you like the slots then you may prefer downstairs. The staff is friendly, I’ve never had bad service there before. I’ve been there a few times well and every time I go I have nothing but good things to say.


The last time I went I realized that they added a gluten-free section on the menu, immediate internal screams of happiness, but that was short lived when I realized that all the gluten-free options were all meat dishes. Hmm what to do. I asked our server what she suggest I have since I can’t have gluten and I’m a vegetarian. After educating her a little about what is gluten she gave her suggestion of ordering fish and mashed potato. Great right, nah not so much. My poor server probably didn’t realize that the fish strips were coated with gluten but I failed to see “coated in panko bread crumbs” in the meal description. Although you can get gluten-free panko bread crumbs, the dish was not labelled gluten-free so you know I got glutened.


All in all I’ll return to Macau, the food is always great but next time I’ll be way more careful in what I order. If you can eat meat, then go give Macau a try and I would love to hear your experience.

331559_135294329911884_1075801278_oMacau Gaming Lounge and Bar

28 Lindsey Crescent
Kingston 10
876 928 6395

3 thoughts on “Out and About – Macau Gaming Lounge and Bar

  1. Joyce Bennett says:

    Just a little background info. I have been gluten free since 2008. I was diagnosed with celiac. I live overseas and visiting home,dining is usually at Jolly’s or Helshire where I can tell the cook how and what not to use in preparing my meals. So it’s nice I know I have alternative choice of places to dine. I look forward to trying this restaurant in a few weeks. I will definitely let you know what the experience was. At least i won’t feel like a pariah anymore lol

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